Zeinab Al Hashemi, ‘Crosswords: Puzzle of Life’, 2014, Maraya Art Centre

Zeinab Al Hashemi’s ‘Crosswords: Puzzle of Life’ draws parallels between filling in a crossword and the choices we make everyday in our lives. The artworks shows how, just as a crossword solver cannot go back and erase an entry penned down in ink, life presents each individual with choices – empty blocks that with each filled entry in brings you closer to deciphering the puzzle that is life. Coming closer to solving the puzzle, Al Hashemi brings our attention to the power of writing down our life, where we want to reach, what we want to achieve, and whom we want to love. The black boxes in the puzzle are the artist’s representation of the fears and challenges that will limit the letters and our choices in life, yet underlines that there are always answers.

We have chosen a work 'Crosswords: Puzzle of Life' by a young Emirati artist Zainab Al Hashemi for Artsy. This work was show in an exhibition called 'In The Absence of Script' at Maraya Art Centre, curated by Noor Al Suwaidi in 2014.

Zeinab Al Hashemi will be Maraya Art Centre and Delfina Foundation's artist-in-residence in London in July this year.

About Zeinab Al Hashemi