Zen Tainaka, ‘The Deer Hides in The Bush’, 2016, Frantic Gallery

Zen Tainaka represents the world in sarcastic and in most cases satirical way. His painterly expressions are free from genre requirements or stylistic rules and show the evil or good in a way of dream which is on the border line with nightmare. The surreal situations in his works permanently play with reason and nonsense shedding critical light on reality and artist’s surroundings.
More about the artist: http://www.frantic.jp/en/artist/artist-tainaka.html

Signature: Signed by artist.

Zen Tainaka / 田井中善意

1984 Born in Chiba, Japan
2008 Tokyo Art University, B.A. Industrial Art, Tokyo
2011 Tokyo Art University, M.A. Industrial Art, Tokyo
2013 Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Jewelry course

Solo Exhibitions
2016 “The Universe and Other Oddities”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2015 “Feedback Loop Canvas”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2013 “Pretty Vacant”, Unseal Contemporary, Tokyo
2012 “What a Beautiful World”, gallery g671, Tokyo

Group Exhibition
2014 “Frantic End of The Year Show”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2014 “2014 FRANTIC UNDERLINES”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2013 Geidai Art Plaza, Tokyo Art University, Tokyo
2012 Geisai#16, Tokyo
2012 “Festival? Mountain?”, Ibaraki
2010 Tokyo Urban Art, Tokyo
2009 Konoyubi ART 2009, Tokyo
2008 Konoyubi ART 2008, Tokyo
2008 Hachiyonten, Tokyo
2008 Chiba Triennial Independent Show, Chiba

About Zen Tainaka

Japanese, b. 1984, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan