zerunianandweisz., ‘scotty’, Rauminhalt

scotty is part of the limited edition serie "7000 blows".
"7000 blows" is the first limited edition collection of zerunianandweisz. in copper, silver & brass. the items are chased by hand & complemented by found treasures & reworked objects to create small sensual landscapes.
7000 blows is based on the traditional competence of the caldarari, a roma community in transylvania, working for centuries in metal crafts. It takes 7000 rhythmic blows & 70 times in the fire until the final shape evolves. zerunianandweisz. & victor clopotar cooperated for a year in an effort to redefine traditional forms. the result: a collection of product-landscapes that examine material, an ancient craft & a new cultural reference.

bowl: L. 36 x D. 28 x H. 15cm
bowl: Dm. 6 x H. 1cm

Manufacturer: Atelier zerunianandweisz.

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