Zezão, ‘Installation at Zipper Galeria’, Zipper Galeria
Zezão, ‘Installation at Zipper Galeria’, Zipper Galeria

About Zezão

A prominent graffiti artist in São Paulo, Zezão has turned his vibrant and often risky public practice into gallery art that bridges the divide between the white cube and urban walls. An important figure in pixação—a Brazilian form of street art characterized by large lettering and hard-to-access locations—Zezão creates much of his graffiti in storm drains and sewers. In his studio work, he collects wooden scraps and signage from the streets of São Paulo and crafts assemblages out of these materials in monument to the relegated parts of city where they were found. Zezão remains committed to his street art roots, using these sculptures as a canvas for paint and tagging the assemblages with his signature “flow,” a series of light blue lines outlined in a darker shade. The tag evokes the look of water running through a sewage pipe.

Brazilian, b. 1971, São Paulo, Brazil, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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