Zheng Chongbin 郑重宾, ‘Four Uneven Surfaces Joined by Rotation 四个旋接面’, 2015, Ink Studio

About Zheng Chongbin 郑重宾

Zheng Chongbin fuses Western abstraction with the Chinese calligraphic tradition in works of ink- and acrylic-on-paper, finding contemporary relevance in antiquated forms of Asian ink art. Having studied and split his time in both China and the U.S., Zheng reveals the influences of both places and artistic traditions in his work. Layering ink of various consistencies onto Xuan paper, Zheng creates a variety of forms with his dexterous brushwork. “My intention,” says Zheng, “is to investigate the logic of the ink medium and its perceptual characteristics, the alternation between transcendence and the materiality of the work.” Increasingly, Zheng has worked in other forms of art, producing video works and installations that create perceptual play between space and objects. Ink Stone (2009) is a video of a hand holding an ink stick and grinding it onto an ink stone—an important meditative procedure undertaken before beginning an ink painting.

Chinese, b. 1961, Shanghai, China, based in San Francisco and Shanghai