Zhou Chunya, ‘Art for the Masses’, 2008, Element Art Space

Signature: signed in Chinese, inscribed, and numbered on underside

About Zhou Chunya

Zhou Chunya’s painting style has been described as a hybrid of Western Modernism, traditional Chinese painting, and the Socialist Realism he was taught in school. Zhou considers himself above all a colorist; his favored color is a precise shade of green called Italian Classico Verde 290. “Color itself has no meaning, and it is meaningful only when people think of it,” he says. “Then it becomes a symbol.” Zhou’s earlier paintings featured images of stones and flowers borrowed from the iconography of Chinese paintings, but executed in a style influenced by German Expressionism. A more recent and better-known painting series features as its subject his dog, Black Root, rendered in his favorite green, with men and women performing sexual acts in the background.

Chinese, b. 1955, Chongqing, China, based in Chengdu, China

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