Zhu Wei, ‘帷幕六号; Curtains, No. 6’, 2008, Linda Gallery

Series: Curtain (2008 – 2010)

Beginning from 2008, Zhu Wei radically altered his creative approach and experimented with new influences. Building upon his figurative style of art, he incorporated abstract elements in his fresh approach, which culminated in the Curtain series. This series contains Zhu Wei’s meditation on the elements of contemporary visual language. The gongbi brushstrokes employed belong to the art realism, the shapes and lines of the subject matter are delineated in a clear and concise manner. In the past, Zhu Wei gained his reputation in his utilization of image resources and outstanding modeling of personal characteristics as a gongbi artist. However, through the Curtain series, Zhu Wei dares to experiment and aims to infuse abstract characteristics into a traditional style of painting usually reserved for realist paintings.
In the works of the Curtain series, Zhu Wei keeps his expression of the gongbi paint language to the minimum, by limiting the amount of washes of ink and color that are embellished to the painting. In doing this, Zhu Wei frees the viewers’ attention from focusing on specific objects present in the painting. Rather, the emphasis is focused on the purity of ink painting as a medium. By defocusing the narrative elements of painting, Zhu Wei pioneers a new way of representation.

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