Zimoun, ‘121 prepared dc-motors, tension springs’, 2011, bitforms gallery
Zimoun, ‘121 prepared dc-motors, tension springs’, 2011, bitforms gallery

In this work a white minimalist grid organizes 121 industrial components. Rotating springs are activated by motors, creating a visual tension between the regularity of industrial form and the kinetic chaos of a natural system. Exploring mechanical rhythm and flow in prepared repetitive systems, it is equal parts sonic and visual. Perpetually rotating and clacking, it brings to mind the clock and similarly bustling geared mechanisms.

Artist Statement: I try to create pieces that somehow become alive - never sounding and moving exactly the same way again. Seemingly organic, these projects are based on lifeless matter and simplified systems that are artificial, yet yielding complex behaviors in sound and motion.

About Zimoun

Swiss sound and visual artist Zimoun creates minimalist kinetic structures that vary from large-scale architectural installations to playful assemblages of ordinary objects. Using machines such as tiny DC motors and modest mass-produced materials, Zimoun’s works explore the interplay between symmetry and chaos to create sounds that appear to emanate from the natural world. For 30,000 plastic bags, 16 ventilators (2010) Zimoun aimed 16 industrial fans at a layered mass of crinkled, wall-mounted plastic bags, resulting in a literal wall of sound.

Swiss, b. 1977, Switzerland