Ziyang Wu, ‘Peng Ci (Staged Crash)’, 2015, Academy Art Museum

Wu observes the micro-alienation of Chinese society and the wealth of individual experiences, ranging from contemporary Chinese culture to social events and political power systems. In Peng Ci (Staged Crash), Wu examines a culture under constant surveillance, a carefully orchestrated judicial system, and the contradictory flow of capitalist American dollars into the communist Chinese economy. The neon lights reflect a surveillance heat map, while the watchful eyes of aliens represent the outside world looking in on the Chinese social, political, and economic system. Through visual examination of daily events in Chinese culture, such as traffic police directing vehicles and masses of people congregating, Wu uses digital animation technology to dismantle and reconstruct mundane absurdist reality.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

"The ROCI Road to Peace: Experiments in the Unfamiliar"

Venue: Academy Art Museum, Easton (2015-2016)

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