Zoë Buckman, ‘I See You Walking’, 2014, Goodman Gallery

About Zoë Buckman

Through her work in various media such as sculpture, photography, and neon, Zoe Buckman investigates feminism, identity, and cultural norms in modern society. The artist wrestles with pieces of today's mainstream life, embroidering hip hop lyrics on lingerie or casting her boxing gloves in glass. This juxtaposition of stereotypically masculine and feminine materials and objects allows Beckman to address contemporary issues of equality in a thoughtful and upfront manner.

English, b. 1985, London, United Kingdom, based in New York, NY, United States

Solo Shows

New York,
Present Life: A solo exhibition of work by Zoë Buckman

Group Shows

Nathan Cummings Foundation, 
New York, NY, USA,
Re-imagining A Safe Space