Zoe Crosher, ‘The Other Disappeared Nurse no.12 from The Vanishing of Michelle duBois’, John Wolf Art Advisory & Brokerage

About Zoe Crosher

Since 2005, Zoe Crosher has been editing, enlarging, and reproducing found photographs of a woman named Michelle DuBois. “The Michelle DuBois Project” is based on the self-portraits of an escort based in Oklahoma during the 1960s and 1970s, initially photographed to explore feminine and sexual tropes. In order to emphasize the physicality of both photograph and subject, Crosher manipulates her images, crumpling and rephotographing in the case of Mae Wested (2012) or sun-fading in The Other Disappeared Nurse (2012), to suggest analog photography. Her reframing of existing images parallels the work of the Pictures Generation during the 1980s, offering new ways of looking. Crosher’s ultimate goal is to question representation and perception, inspired by the disconnect between fantasy and reality that photography enables.

American, b. 1975, Santa Rosa, California, based in Los Angeles, California

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