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    Auckland Art Fair is New Zealand’s preeminent contemporary art event. Offering galleries, the opportunity to showcase the work of outstanding artists of the wider Pacific-rim region, the Fair attracts collectors and curators with an interest and engagement in the same area.

    “The 2016 edition of Auckland Art Fair demonstrated a commitment to professionalism in an airy, well laid out and light-filled venue known as The Cloud, located on the edge of downtown Auckland’s scenic harbour. The presentations, which allowed visitors to sample some of the strongest works currently being produced in the region, were also cognizant of the larger international context in which most of the artists operate. Overall the fair offered a mix of intimacy, approachability and confidence, which bodes well for the future of the event as a leading fair for the region.”

    Gregory Burke, former Director of Govett Brewster Art Gallery, now Executive Director and CEO of Remai Modern, Saskatoon, Canada writing for Art Asia Pacific

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