ARTNOIR From: Friends To: Friends: Benefit Auction 2020

ARTNOIR + Artsy are excited to collaborate on the ARTNOIR From: Friends To: Friends Benefit Auction 2020 exhibiting a selection of almost 30 talented visual artists that portray a diversity of perspectives and experiences with beauty, dignity and care.

The ARTNOIR From: Friends To: Friends Benefit Auction is an online fundraiser that will provide seed funding for their newly launched ARTNOIR Jar of Love Fund. The ARTNOIR Jar of Love Fund is a microgrant initiative intended to provide relief for artists, curators, and cultural workers of color. The funds from the auction will enable ARTNOIR to expand their aid and support to a wider group of recipients for the microgrant. Moreover, the proceeds raised from this auction will help empower, and fuel the lives of these grantees who are essential contributors to our creative ecosystem.

ARTNOIR is a global collective and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to celebrate and highlight the work of creatives of color from around the world while catalyzing cultural equity across the arts and culture industries. These times of uncertainty and unrest have had an adverse impact on our community. As an organization based on the foundation of community first, we want to do our part to provide relief, love and care for artists, curators and cultural workers of color when they need it the most.

Join us on the path of leveraging the power of art as an agent for social change, cultural transformation, and uplifting our creative community. Browse lots and place bids before the sale closes on Wednesday July 8th, at 5:00pm EDT.

To apply to the ARTNOIR Jar of Love Fund microgrant, please visit HERE

To donate directly to the ARTNOIR Jar of Love Fund, please visit HERE.

To learn more about ARTNOIR, please visit HERE.

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