CITYarts: Benefit Auction 2017

Auction Closed

CITYarts engages youth and professional artists in the creation of public art and, through the creative process, youth become actively involved in transforming communities. This auction will benefit CITYarts mural projects in all five boroughs of New York. Learn more about the event and purchase tickets here.

Overture: 2
Untitled #49
Afterlife Body: Study 1
PD 11 No. 8
Rafting on the Rio Grande, Jamaica
Cellular 31
Radiations Drawing Pink + Orange
Untitled #1 BLUE
Illustration for Walt Whitman's Song for Broad-Axe
1776' Freedom Tower
Mirage 111 Series
Norwalk Platform
Flamenco Trio
Always Here
Shadow of Temple Emanu-El
Lovers (Day 284)
All in the Backdrop
One of a Kind Anthropomorphic Vase
Think Negative/Think Positive series
Wave II
Study for How Grand
Yes, You Can
MILLENIAL ICONS: Watermelon Ring Pop
Evidence/No Evidence
Series of Three Prints: 1. Family Robot, 2001, 2. Basel Matric, 1996/2001, 3. Modulation in Sync: Jacob's Ladder 2001"
Untitled (From Women of Allah Series)
UrbanScar - Stop!
Mother Earth Sings
Study for the Wall Outside the Zoo