CITYarts: Benefit Auction 2020

CITYarts hopes that the heartache of the moment will lead to Change from Within! CITYarts continues to engage our youth in positive creation and to empower, educate, and connect our youth to realize their potential and transform communities.

CITYarts remains connected with our Youth as we ignite their imaginations to work with their families and our artists remotely on our inspiring new CITYarts program: Paint Your Neighborhood/School From Your HeART At Home. This program will give our Youth something to look forward to when they are able to come back to school. We need you to help us continue to make a significant impact on the lives of our children and communities.

Since 1989, CITYarts has worked with over 200,000 youth in collaboration with more than 600 artists to revitalize and transform the neighborhoods of New York City and beyond through the creation of more than 330 public art projects, including murals and mosaics. Funds raised support CITYarts’ public art initiatives, giving youth a voice to express themselves on issues that are important to their lives.

Please join us as CITYarts celebrates 31 years of impacting and empowering young lives and transforming communities as we embrace a new era in Public Art, Education, and Creation. As we conform to the new culture of social distancing, our upcoming 2020 Annual VIRTUAL Gala: Making a Difference Through the Arts will be held online during the evening of June 23rd. We will be honoring Rita and Waldo Falkener, Agnes Denes, and Benjamin Lev. Learn more about our Honorees here.

Please, enjoy the art, browse lots and place bids before the sale closes on Wednesday, June 24th at 5pm EDT!

54 Lots
54 Lots: