Doyle: ’80s Downtown Art (September 2016)

Artsy + Doyle present “’80s Downtown Art”—featuring works by Keith Haring, Ronnie Cutrone, Martin Wong, Jeff Koons, and Fab 5 Freddy.

Threads of Doyle’s own history intersect with this seminal period—sharing the same block with Doyle’s brick-and-mortar location on 87th Street was Andy Warhol’s first studio, pre-Factory. Until 1974, Warhol lived around the corner with his mother on Lexington at 89th Street, and frequently participated in the various auctions. Similarly, artist Martin Wong, an avid accumulator of Asian antiquities, was perpetually adding to his massive collection. Both artists considered Doyle a great space for discovery, finding unique treasures pleasing to their curious tastes and trendsetting collections.

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