Auction Closed

Free Arts NYC: Benefit Auction 2020

Auction Closed

Free Arts NYC believes art is for everyone. 70% of the NYC arts education budget will be cut in 2021, and access to the healthy escape art-making provides is in jeopardy for the communities we serve - but you can make a difference. Join Free Arts NYC in honoring KAWS and Julia Chiang, and celebrating our dedicated creative community, by bidding on works from your favorite artists to help us continue to ensure equity and access in the arts.

Since 1998, we have been committed to lifting up the next generation of young artists, working with over 2,800 kids every year. Our Annual Art Auction raises a quarter of our annual revenue, and as we all navigate uncharted territories, your support will enable us to continue providing one-on-one mentorship, career-readiness workshops, portfolio development, and exposure and opportunities into a wide variety of creative paths for our young people.

Special thanks to our presenting sponsor Sacai and art partners ARTA, YSDS and Downing Frames for their support!

Please note it's 2020, some shipments may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding!

Bidding in this auction will close on Friday, October 30th at 12:00pm EST.