Heritage Auctions: Trending Contemporary (Feb 2017)

Auction Closed

Artsy and Heritage Auctions present Trending Contemporary—featuring works by today's most sought-after artists such as Ugo Rondinone, Eddie Martinez, and Mickalene Thomas. Bidding is open exclusively on Artsy and will close at 9:00pm ET on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

Lozenge Composition, 1924 / Tableau No.IV. Losangique Pyramidal, 1925, with Red, Blue, Yellow and Black, 1924/1925 Titled No. III.
Small Red Black Mountain
Untitled (6k)
The times never will be there again
Paper Airplane
North Blvd Woman
Steam Rolled Body W. ¼ Inch Audio Jacks Inserted Into Extemporized Orifices. Cuboid Transparent Head Filled With Abject Matter, Some Of Which Is Repulsive. Even Children Have Pre-1990 Desires
Dead Sea 15
Soirée des Chats Sauvages
Fresh Milk
Set of Three Polaroids
Kate Moss Rorschach (Red on Blue)
Portrait of Marie Sitting in Black and White
Assembly Lines
Birth Trinity
Victor Hugo Demo
Pink Days
The Drones’ Exposition
Guido floating, Levanzo, Sicily
Future in Her Eyes
Left Behind 2 Again
The Noses
Cracked Egg
Paper Faces
Untitled, from Doctors of the World
Marilyn Monroe, from the Last Sitting
Merda d’Artista
Aqua Trumpet, March 1
Postcard of "Fanny"
Eight Poppies
Warhol Ones (four bills)