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Heritage: Signature Photographs

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Artsy presents Heritage: Signature Photographs, featuring works by Ansel Adams, Kourtney Roy, Robert Rauschenberg, and more. In advance of the auction, browse lots and place max bids before live bidding begins on Saturday, April 4th at 11:00am CT (12:00pm ET).

When the sale opens, all pre-registered Artsy users can participate and watch the bidding unfold in real time. Any registration after Friday, April 3rd at 11:00am CT (12:00pm ET) will be held pending review.

Another New York Death
Martin "Buggsy" Goldstein, 31st Arrest
L Pillar Cracks Stepin Fetchit's Skull, Harlem Car Crash, April 25
Group of Six Photographs of New Yorkers
Three Die in Fire on East Side, 137-139 Suffolk St, New York, March 4
Triboro's Baptism if Blood, New York, May 18
Father Divine Goes To Court As 5,000 Shout (six photographs)
Grim Reaper Thumbs a Lift When You 'Go to Town,' Car Crash, S. Portland & Fulton Streets, Brooklyn, May 17
Hatchet Murderess Whose Kids Were “In the Way” (seven photographs)
Spurned Suitor Clubs Violinist to Death, New York, April 19
This the Man, Madam?' the Phantom Burglar of Greenwich Village
Audience Ends All-Night Sit-In, WPA Cast Strikes Over Layoffs (five photographs)
Man Found Dead In Bryant Park (six photographs)
Send ‘Em Back Where They Came From! (six photographs)
Car Crash Franklin and West Streets, New York
New York Tenement Fire
The Musical Battle of the Century, Benny Goodman vs Chick Webb
Photographers Nap on Courthouse Steps
Women Leaving Court (three photographs)
Queens Cops Rough Up Newspaper Picket Line (three photographs)