Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions: Benefit Auction 2017

Auction Closed

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions is an internationally recognized nonprofit venue that exhibits and advocates for innovations in art-making and public engagement. LACE's 38th annual auction will benefit their exhibition program that breaks boundaries, advances experimentation, and gives voice to otherwise marginalized voices in art.

A Four Dimensional City Casts a Two Thousand Mile Shadow. Mound Buried Wedges
Untitled (Crouching Woman)
The Intersection Series: Statue/Bound Person
Hitarget Venus (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
Mini Scraper on Little Mesa
Untitled (KC)
"I'll Huff and I'll Puff"
study for: Coup d'etat
Say Hello
Untitled (Stick)
Untitled (Onion Rings)
Unlit Lightbox #2 (Test Print) From the Shangri-LA'd Disappearing Wall, Los Angeles, Chinatown Version, 2016
AhpnesfømEamf.y 3
From the series "Salvation Likely Will Come," Ambassador College V
"Small Waterfall"
Endymion(Nicholas-Guy, short)
3 Structures, comparison (U.S. series, study)
Mi Puta Vida
Endless Orchard (version 1 on white background)
Rio de Los Angeles
Raisin in the Sun
Numbers and Trees: Project 1 Edition
Mullholland Drive (The Road to David's Studio)
Cuchilla de carnicero
Untitled (Plaza)
"Plegaria por el dia de hoy"
Rhinoceros (2)
Do Like Free
no title
Evil Eye
Particulate Matter 51
The Illustrated Guide To Abstraction
Doubled-die Pink Falcon
A True Tale
Study for Timeline
Blood Moon: Solo
Woman with Flower
If My Face Was A Line Drawing
Sundance Massage
Two bread pieces in bag
Afterimage No. 4 - Blue Smoke Rising
jjnnn (highlight/select ACC font)*
New Mountain (The Hours)
Munich/Brazil (Drawing 11)
Kitchen Cubist I
Hard Science Over Soft Science