Phillips: Design (September 2017)

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Conical bowl
Set of four '3-Dimensional Macrogauze'
Pot with four indents and cylindrical foot
Flaring footed bowl
'2-Dimensional Macrogauze', model no. M143
'Thistle' form
Straight-sided bowl
Unique prototype '3-Dimensional Macrogauze', model no. M.STEEL/2, designed for the Kiryu Performing Arts Centre
Unique 'Anglefell' wall hanging
Conical bowl
Unique '2-Dimensional Macrogauze'
Oval bowl with fluted sides
Unique '3-Dimensional Macrogauze', model no. M3D/7
Pot on cylindrical foot
Vase with flaring lip
Unique 'Anglefell' wall hanging
Unique '2-Dimensional Macrogauze'
Flower vase
Oval bowl
Footed bowl
'Tokyo’ bench
'Semi-metal' chair, model no. 305
'Antony’ chair, model no. 356
Two bird figures
Set of five armchairs, model no. 21, from 'L’Equipement de la Maison' series
Rare 'Court's President' armchair, designed for the High Court, Chandigarh
'Semi-metal' chair, model no. 306
Table, from a 'chambre d’étudiant', Maison du Brésil, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
Set of seventy-two wall lights, model no. CP1
Pair of two-seater lecture hall armchairs, designed for the Faculté de Lettres, Université de Besançon
Lecture hall armchair, designed for the Faculté de Lettres, Université de Besançon
'Tout bois’ chair
Pair of 'vide‐poches'
S.C.A.L. bed, model no. 450
'Semi-metal' chair, model no. 305
'Cité' table
Ten armchairs
Writing chair, model no. PJ-SI-26-E, designed for the science department and administrative offices, Punjab University, Chandigarh
Demountable bed, model no. PJ-L-05-A, designed for the Members Legislative Assembly flats, Punjab University student halls and other residencies
'Reading table', model no. PJ-TA-09-B, and 'Cane seat wood back' chair, model no. PJ-SI-51-A, designed for the High Court, Punjab University Library and Central State Library, Chandigarh
'Tripod' standard lamp
Pair of 'Committee' armchairs, model no. PJ-SI-30-A, designed for the High Court, the Assembly and Punjab University administrative buildings, Chandigarh
Pair of rare chaises longues
Pair of wall lights
Set of three 'Yo-Yo’ stools