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Phillips: Warhol in China

Auction Closed
Live auction

Artsy presents Phillips: Warhol in China, featuring 200 photographs taken by Andy Warhol during his trip to Asia in 1982. In advance of the auction in Hong Kong, browse lots and place max bids before live bidding begins on May 28th at 6:00pm HKT (6:00am ET).

When the sale opens, all pre-registered Artsy users can participate and watch the bidding unfold in real time. Registration for the live auction will close on May 27th at 6:00pm HKT (6:00am ET).

This auction will be conducted in Hong Kong Dollars.

The Great Wall of China
Chinese Stone Lion
Chinese Characters
Andy Warhol at the Great Wall
The Great Wall of China
Eight works: (i) Two Women; (ii) Young Woman at Great Wall; (iii) Great Wall; (iv) Temple; (v) The Great Wall of China; (vi) Unidentified Woman; (vii) Young Man and Woman at Great Wall; (viii) Bicycle
Seven works: (i) People and Building; (ii) Stone Camel; (iii) Fred Hughes; (iv) Great Wall; (v) Buildings; (vi) Window and Curtain; (vii) Chinese Ink Paintings
Seven works: (i) The Great Wall of China; (ii) Street Scene (Man and Car); (iii) Street Scene (Man with Bicycle); (iv) Two Young Men; (v) Group of Men; (vi) Waterfront Park; (vii) Young Boy
Seven works: (i) Street Scene (Window Display); (ii) Men with Donkeys; (iii) Men; (iv) Sign: China Photo Studio; (v) Outdoor Barber; (vi) Young Boy; (vii) Parking Lot
Stone Temple
Eight works: (i) Street with Trees and Cart; (ii) Chinese Signage; (iii) Buffet Table; (iv) Billboards; (v) Street Scene; (vi) Coiled Incense; (vii) Billboard; (viii) Alfred Siu
Nine works: (i) Temple; (ii) Sign: Tiger/Samurai; (iii) Street Scene (Bicycles); (iv) Christopher Makos and Chinese Men and Boys; (v) Building with Sign; (vi) People on Bicycles; (vii) Donkey and Cart; (viii) Christopher Makos; (ix) Fisherman
The Great Wall of China
Andy Warhol
Eight works: (i) Street Scene (Man on Bicycle); (ii) Sign in Chinese; (iii) "No Parking" Sign; (iv) Chinese Sculpture; (v) Temple; (vi) Urn; (vii) Restaurant Table; (viii) Men
Six works: (i) Alfred Siu; (ii) Interior; (iii) Street Scene (Bus); (iv) Wooded Park; (v) Temple Entrance; (vi) Street Scene with People and Bicycles
Six works: (i) Window; (ii) Group of Men; (iii) Waterfront Park; (iv) Chinese Characters; (v) Building and Sign; (vi) Restaurant Table
Six works: (i) Temple Roofs; (ii) Street Scene (People with Bicycles); (iii) Outdoor Barbers; (iv) Building and Trees; (v) Street Scene (Car); (vi) Alfred Siu
Man Holding Young Boy
Statue of Mao and Building