Rago Auctions: 19th/20th C. American/European Art (May 2017)

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Artsy presents Rago Auctions: 19th/20th C. American/European Art, featuring works by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, and more. In advance of the auction, browse lots and place max bids before live bidding begins on May 6th at 10:00am ET.

When the sale opens, all pre-registered Artsy users can participate and watch the bidding unfold in real time. Registration for the live auction will close on May 5th at 10:00am ET.

Untitled (Spanish Noble Woman Standing with Lutist)
Mother and Child
Untitled (Nude)
Untitled (Portrait of a Lady)
2 Bunches of Grapes
A Garden Opal
Untitled (Still Life)
Untitled (Still Life)
Two Works of Art: Untitled, Untitled
La Révolte des Anges: Chapitre XXXIII
Trois Jeunes Filles
Le Poney (2e planche)
L' Invocation au Soleil
The Picture Book
Blé et Coquelicots
From Paysages et intérieurs (Landscapes and Interiors), Intérieur aux Tentures Roses II and III
Anna (Grabach)
Above the City
New York East Side
Untitled (Farmer's Market)
Inner Harbor
Jazz Age
Untitled (Man in the Doorway)
Three Works of Art: Untitled (Landscape with Barn), Untitled, Untitled
Two Works of Art: Untitled (Newark), Untitled
Untitled (Man & Wife)
Two Works of Art: Untitled (Woman Looking Down), Untitled (Profile of a Woman in a Hat)
Rolling His Own
Dropped Antaeus
The Sprinter
Arthur Ashe
Joe Brown (Self-portrait)
The Man Himself (Self-portrait)
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman)
Untitled (Gypsy)
Portrait of a Female Model
Two Works of Art:  Lake Atsago, Hunter with Dog
Untitled (Lake Scene)
Pulling the Catch
Untitled (Stowing Jibs)
Untitled (New York Harbor)
Untitled (Sailboats)
Untitled (Gloucester)
Untitled (Rocks & Boats)