Rago Auctions: Modern Ceramics & Glass

Live bidding begins Jan 21 4:30 PM EST
Live auction

Artsy presents Rago Auctions: Modern Ceramics & Glass, featuring works by Chihuly, Christopher Ries, Kyohei Fujita, and more. In advance of the auction, browse lots and place max bids before live bidding begins on Sunday, January 21st at 4:30pm ET.

When the sale opens, all pre-registered Artsy users can participate and watch the bidding unfold in real time. Registration for the live auction will close on Saturday, January 20th at 4:30pm ET.

Fine large lidded vessel with animals, USA
Fine large early vessel with figures and fish
Fine large early ovoid vessel with faces
Fine early vase with abstract figures and animals
Small early footed vase with figures and fish
Early bowl with figures
Vase and bowl with Daniel Boone, dog, and Asian man smoking a pipe, Perth Amboy, NJ
Fine large early vessel with figures and faces
Untitled abstract painting, USA
Untitled abstract painting, USA
Untitled abstract painting, USA
Untitled abstract painting, USA
Untitled plaque (Three Musicians), USA
Untitled plaque (Farming Scene), USA
Untitled plaque (Women with Baskets and Fruit), USA
Three-tile untitled panel (Men with Birds and Goats), USA
Bowl (African Hunters and Lion), USA
Bowl (St. Francis), USA
Early bowl (The Four Evangelists), USA
Untitled plaque along with the preparatory drawing (Farmer and Llama), USA
Two bowls (Duck, Stylized Plants), USA
Two small bowls (Man and Horse, Man and Fish with Seagull), USA
Small dish and box (Medieval Cityscape, Doves), USA
Early bowl (Dragon), USA
Bowl (Ship and Warriors with Nude), USA
A Teapot? Not Very Funky, California
Untitled sculpture (Form with Gray Handle), California
Untitled sculpture (Handle and Stripes), California
Untitled sculpture (Handle and Ochre Glaze), California
Large untitled covered jar (Green Coil and Red Triangle), California
Small untitled sculpture (Green Glaze Highlights), California
Untitled (Brick Box with Interior Brick), California
Three Arneson Bricks, California
Suspension, New York
Saving Face, New York
Untitled sculpture (Porcupine), California
Untitled sculpture (Orangutan), California
Untitled sculpture (Trilobite), California
Four Frog Tobiis mugs, California, 1970: “The Suicide,” “The Pirate,” “The Mountie,” “The Pirate”
Sculpture with frogs, "Heart Red and White," California
Primitive Frogs (Devonian Era 40 Million Years Ago), First Animals to Walk on Land, California
Large frog sculpture, "Labyrinth of the Minotaur with Priests and Virgin Wine Sacrifice," California
Lidded vessel, "Rape of the Sabine Frogs," California
Clay Pot with Turtle on Lid, California
Hermit Crab/Snail, California
Vase and stoppered bottle with flowers, California
Tea bowl
Ashanti lidded vessel, gunmetal and verdigris glaze, Alfred, NY
Large vessel, "Piix," Ohio
HAND MADE TeaPot on stand, Ohio