Rago Auctions: Urban Living

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Artsy presents Rago Auctions: Urban Living, featuring small-scale works by giants in contemporary art. This auction brings together works by Candida Höfer, KAWS, Sally Mann and more, whose pieces communicate between the urban landscape and the domestic interior.

All lots in this auction are subject to a Buyer’s Premium.

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Pink Bow from Celebration Series
Butterfly Spin Painting (Created at Damien Hirst Spin Workshop)
Hang Time Circa 1923
Flash of Fuschia on Black
Table Bleu
New York City
Couples Therapy
Keith Haring Sesame Street Breakdancers Animation Cell
Keith Haring Sesame Street Breakdancers Animation Cell
Untitled (Smile-ism No. 25)
Torn Photograph from the Second Stop (Rubble). Second Mountain of 6 Stops on a Section
London Plane Leaves
S & H Green Stamps
Anti-Nuclear Rally
Deutsche Bucherei Leipzip IX
Untitled (photo of Emmett)
The Executioner's Song, from Cremaster 2
Untitled (Smile-ism No. 12)
Somewhere to Light from New York International
Coca Cola (Green)
Pico and Tasha
Pumpkin (Yellow) and Pumpkin (Red)
And Your Friends are My Friends