Rago Auctions: Urban Living IV

Auction Closed

Rago + Artsy present Rago Auctions: Urban Living IV, featuring small-scale works by giants in contemporary art. This auction brings together works by Candida Hofer, April Gornik, Mark Dion, and more.

Bidding in this auction will close on Tuesday, October 10th at 6:00pm EST. All lots in this auction are subject to a 25% Buyer’s Premium.

Untitled (Dollhouse), The Peter Norton Family Christmas Project
The Window of Montmartre
Roded Crater: North Space and South Space
Adventures in December
We the People
Pirate Alphabet #3
Magic Donut Kingdom
Be the Change
Natural Springs
But Yea
Aung San Suu Kyi
Fake Love
Dirty Funker Future
OriginalFake Store Tile (white)
Companion (Five Years Later - Glow in the Dark, Green)
Two Large Soft Sculpture Pumpkins (Red/White and Yellow/Black)
The Pandas Say They're Happy
Agama and Amitabha Buddha
Standing Figure, Signed Print Together with Signed and Illustrated Book, "Stik"
A Message from Our Sponsors
Imperial Glory
Bronx Zoo
New York Cultural Institutions
Portico 1
Flowerball Mulitcolors 1 (Scenery with a Rainbow in the Midst)
Plate V
Eleven Fish
Arc et Colonnes
Sea Light
Indian View I
The Table
What's Going on in the Halls?
L' Explosion qui Eclaire Mon Abime
Deutsche Bucherei Leipzip IX
Sansei Korin Gold and With Reverence I Lay Myself Before You (Korin - Chrysanthemum)
Dismaland Bemusement Park program, 2015 and Exit Through the Gift Shop poster, 2010
Polaroid (FR-06)
Three Resting Place Companions (black, red, and grey)
Di-faced Tenner, 10 GBP Note
Think Tank LP album, 2003 and Keep it Real (Gold) LP album, 2008
My Daughter
Keith Haring
Coca Cola (Green)
Wall Street Journal, Dinner Triangles (2nd State)