Skinner: Fine Paintings & Sculpture

Live bidding begins Jan 26 2:00 PM EST
Live auction

Artsy presents Skinner: Fine Paintings & Sculpture, featuring works by N.C. Wyeth, Joseph Meeker, Frederick Oakes Sylvester, and more. In advance of the auction, browse lots and place max bids before live bidding begins on Friday, January 26th at 2:00pm ET.

When the sale opens, all pre-registered Artsy users can participate and watch the bidding unfold in real time. Registration for the live auction will close on Thursday, January 25th at 2:00pm ET.

Head of a Woman
Tavern Interior with Tussling Couple
A Blowing or Bunt...
Pastoral Feast/A Preparatory Sketch for a Mural
Coastline View with Town Skyline and Figures
Market Square
Dutch Landscape
Animated Winter Landscape with Skaters
Idyllic Landscape with Lake, Castle, and Distant Town
Animated River Landscape with Figures and Cattle
Hay Cart, Harvesters, and Family Under a Cloudy Sky
The Mountain Torrent, Possibly the Rhine Glacier
Wooded Landscape with Figures by a Stream
Figures at the Cascades at Tivoli
Cattle and Sheep by the Coast
Chickens in a Landscape
Ewe and Lambs in a Meadow
Repose, September Days in Normandy
Combat de Coqs
Mother and Child (possibly Venus et l'Amour)
Early Autumn Landscape with Cows Watering
River Landscape with Cattle
The Hayfield
The Clean Plate Club
The Blue Coat
Enfant à la Lecture
Schoolboy with a Slate
The Little Goatherd
Horse-drawn Carriage Charging Forward
The Connoisseur
The Old Cobbler and His Wife
Grandmother's Birthday
Ship in Peril in a Stormy Sea
Coastal Shipping in Rough Seas
Brig in a Storm
Coastal View at Sunset
Morning on the Marshes
Sunrise at Montauk
The Northern Coast of Ireland
Coast of Maine
Quiet Coastal View with Schooners and Lighthouse
Two Cotton Pickers
Sharecroppers' Cabin with Family
Cranberry Picking at Cape Cod
Bayou Field with Campsite at Dusk under a Crescent Moon
The Light that Makes the Heart Glad
Landscape with Stream
Hillside Landscape and Farm
The Old Bridge