Unframed: A Benefit for the ACRIA Artists Ending AIDS Fund at GMHC (June 2018)

Since 1993, Unframed has been a vital source of revenue for the ACRIA Artists Ending AIDS Fund, housed since 2017 at GMHC, the world’s first AIDS organization. The Fund was started as a response to a community in crisis. Over the past decades, the needs of this community have transformed, as has the community itself, but the Fund remains focused on crafting innovative solutions that lead the fight against AIDS. Every dollar raised through Unframed supports more than 13,000 individuals annually with a comprehensive range of vital services, including access to HIV testing and treatment; mental health and substance use services; cutting-edge research; and HIV prevention and sexual health education for young people in New York City.

Bidding will be open exclusively on Artsy, and will close at 5:00 PM ET on Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Presented by CALVIN KLEIN, hosted by Lisson Gallery. Tickets for the June 20th event can be purchased here.

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