"Buy now" and "Make offer" FAQs

I’m interested in buying a work—


1. I’m interested in purchasing a work. What does it mean to “Buy now” or “Make offer”?

Buy now

For select works, you have the option to “Buy now”—meaning the ability to purchase a work using your credit or debit card with the click of a button. Once you click the “Buy now” button and complete checkout, the gallery will confirm your order within 48 hours.

Make offer

Artsy’s “Make offer” feature empowers you to negotiate the purchase price on select works. With upfront shipping information, secure payment through Artsy, and fast seller responses, “Make offer” is the easiest way to negotiate price with a gallery. For more information on how to make a successful offer, read our guide.

2. How can I get more information about a work?

Any additional information, including edition size and signature details, is available in the “About the work” section on the artwork page. If you have further questions about a work, please contact an Artsy Specialist at orders@artsy.net.

The gallery will process your order or respond to your offer within 48 hours. As soon as it does, you’ll receive an email notification. If you’re negotiating and receive a counteroffer, you’ll have 48 hours to respond to the gallery with your next decision. Be sure to check your email inbox regularly when you’re making offers on Artsy.

If you can’t locate these emails, please check your spam or promotions folder for a message from orders@artsy.net, or get in touch with an Artsy Specialist directly.

In the rare case when a gallery is unable to respond to your order or offer within 48 hours, you can contact an Artsy Specialist to find a similar work at orders@artsy.net.

5. My offer was declined, but I’m still interested in the work. What should I do?

If your offer is declined, the gallery may have found it too low or sold the work to another buyer. If the work is still available, you can reopen negotiations by clicking “Make offer” again or, when available, buying outright via the “Buy now” functionality. For more information on how to make a successful offer, read our guide.

If the work is no longer available, you can get in touch with an Artsy Specialist at orders@artsy.net for help discovering similar works.


I’m ready to pay—


1. What payment methods are offered?

Artsy’s online checkout accepts credit and debit cards, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

2. How are taxes calculated? Will I be charged import or customs fees?

Applicable taxes will be added to your order upon checkout, and these fees are calculated based on your shipping address. In addition to the fees included at checkout, you are responsible for any applicable import and customs duties and international taxes such as VAT (if any).

3. How are shipping fees determined?

Shipping costs are determined by the gallery, who is responsible for packing, insuring, and shipping the work. These fees are listed on the artwork page and will be added to your order upon checkout, based on your shipping location. If the gallery can offer complimentary shipping, it will be listed on the artwork page.

4. Can I pick up the work in person?

Some works are available for pickup. If this is possible, you will see an “arrange for pickup” option during checkout. If this is your preference, an Artsy Specialist will contact you within two business days of your order confirmation to coordinate timing and logistics. Please contact us at orders@artsy.net with any questions about this process.


I’ve purchased a work—


1. Where can I check the status of my order?

Artsy will send you email updates every time your order has an update. Each email will include a link to a status page, where you can check back on your order in between emails. If you cannot locate this message, please check your spam or promotions folder for an email from orders@artsy.net, or get in touch with our team directly.

2. Can I cancel or return my work if I change my mind?

In most cases, and pursuant to our Conditions of Sale, we do consider sales final. However, in the rare case that your work was not accurately described prior to purchase or was damaged when shipped by the gallery, please contact us at orders@artsy.net.

3. When should I expect my work to arrive? Can I track my package?

Shipping time varies based on the type of work, the gallery location, and the shipping destination. The gallery will ship your work within seven days of confirming your order and send you an email with the estimated time of delivery. If you need the work immediately, please contact an Artsy Specialist at orders@artsy.net to discuss whether the gallery can accommodate an expedited shipment.

4. Will I need to sign for my package upon delivery?

Our gallery partners organize shipment directly and will indicate whether a signature will be required through your tracking number. If you are worried about a shipment, we recommend shipping to a location where someone can receive your work, such as an office building.