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    About Ch.ACO

    Since 2009, Ch.ACO has been the most active organization dedicated to the development of the visual arts market and industry in Chile. As a result of the work and vision of this initiative, the artistic environment in Chile has gradually been internationalized and professionalized.

    The Ch.ACO Art Fair not only produces programs that promote art collecting, but also encourages the creation of a contemporary cultural heritage, the democratization of the visual arts, and the organization of critical discourse around the arts and culture.


    Alonso de Córdova 4355, Vitacura
    Santiago, Chile

    Avenida Providencia 365, depto 14
    Providencia - ​Santiago de ​Chile

    +562 2 6969420

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    Image credits

    Main image:
    Juana Gomez
    Symbiosis.04, Geometry, 2017
    Courtesy of the artist and Isabel Croxatto Galería

    Banner image:
    Ariamna Contino
    Camino al Edén, corredor en las costas del Mar Caribe (detail), 2016
    Courtesy of the artist and Co Galería