Minimalist Prints

Showcasing basic shapes and pared-down color palettes, minimalist prints follow Leonardo da Vinci’s famous assertion: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Beginning in the 1960s, artists like Frank Stella, Carmen Herrera, Robert Mangold, and Richard Serra pioneered a new kind of abstraction that focused on simple geometric forms, looking to the previous generation of Modernists like Josef Albers and Piet Mondrian for inspiration. Minimalism, as the movement was later named, proved that circles, squares, and stripes could come together to create compositions that were both dynamic and timeless. “The more stuff in it, the busier the work of art, the worse it is,” the Minimalist Ad Reinhardt once wrote. “More is less. Less is more.”

1,088 Artworks
1,088 Artworks: