Shepard Fairey: Posters

Throughout his career, the street artist Shepard Fairey has shared his graphic style and political message with the public by designing posters. Fairey’s poster obsession began as a teenager. In high school, he would borrow his mother’s Xerox machine to copy logos from skateboarding magazines and plaster them across town. As an art school student in 1989, Fairey created a poster titled Obey Giant that unexpectedly went viral, featuring the seven-foot tall boxer André the Giant. Fairey’s fame skyrocketed once again in 2008 when he launched his iconic red, white, and blue “Hope” posters to support Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. From the “Peace Guard” posters boycotting violence and war abroad to the “We the People” prints launched for the Women’s March in 2017, Fairey’s posters often promote activism by …

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