Aerosol spray paint cans were invented in the 1940s as a tool for coating radiators with aluminum. By the ’80s, these easy-to-conceal gadgets found a new home, as pioneering street artists like Lady Pink, Futura, and Kenny Scharf began using spray cans to make their mark on city walls and subway stations. Today, the spray can is arguably the most iconic symbol within street art, evoking the creativity and irreverence of the movement. In homage to this legacy, contemporary street artists like Mr. Brainwash and Martin Whatson have featured images of spray cans in their paintings, prints, and sculptures—often providing a witty take on these seemingly simple objects. Below, discover a variety of graffiti-inspired works, from canvases …

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Plastic Jesus
American, b. 1961
American, b. 1980
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