John Stango, Superman Mona Lisa, 2018. Courtesy of The Compound Gallery.

Street Art: Superheroes and Villains

Whether from Marvel or DC Comics, superheroes—and villains—from all worlds have appeared in street art. With universally understood stories and recognizable faces, superheroes and classic comic book characters can often act as a vehicle for street artists to inspire or provoke the public. For example, Hebru Brantley invented his own character FlyBoy to increase representation among superheroes, Shepard Fairey reimagined Iron Man as an imposing Uncle Sam to critique government propaganda, and Banksy stenciled a young boy costumed as the Flash to remind viewers that not all heroes wear capes. Below, discover a selection of classic superheroes reimagined by today’s street artists.

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American, b. 1961
Greg Beebe
William Wray
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