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ARTBO, International Art Fair of Bogotá, is the quintessential meeting point for the art market in Latin America.

Each year, ARTBO summons national and international galleries, carefully selected to achieve a show of the highest quality, where both a specialized audience and the general public can enjoy and buy artworks. Along with the commercial aspect of the fair, ARTBO offers a varied cultural and academic program which seeks to facilitate access to, and create new audiences for art.

Because of its unique focus and point of view, ARTBO is a refreshing art fair that manages a balance between more emerging and younger content and established and well-known content. ARTBO focuses its efforts on the quality and diversity of its showcase.

Standard ticket
$ 35.000
Student ticket (with ID card)
$ 15.000
Children under 10
Free Entrance


As a program of Bogotá's Chamber of Commerce, Artecámara has been encouraging the circulation and promotion of new talents in the fields of visual arts and design, for ten years. Artecámara’s goal is to circulate proposals of contemporary art, make them visible and ease their access into a business environment. The CCB has a network of exhibition spaces throughout its Headquarters in the city: Chapinero, Salitre and Kennedy. Artecámara Tutor program and the Artecámara section in ARTBO, look to develop an inclusive, diverse and artistic programming that shows Bogota’s creative life, strengthening the bonds between the arts and business scene.

This new program was created to give galleries the chance to present works, projects and performances that transcend the allocated stand area and require a different sort of space within the fair.

'Sitio' is designed to encourage ambitious and experimental endeavours conceived for and within ARTBO, with a focus on increasing audience interaction and incorporating a broader range of spaces within the fair. It explores beyond the usual type of performance and project found at the fair and gives audiences a glimpse of new practices in contemporary art. The project also serves to boost the profile of Bogota’s local art scene as it opens up to riskier and more innovative formats and concepts.

This section will be co-curated by Manuela Moscoso (Colombia/Ecuador) and Catalina Lozano (Colombia). Its curation focuses on the relationship between figure and background, through which we can analyze our capacity for acquiring and maintaining important perceptions of the complex world around us. The artists featured in this section challenge the common perception that the background is a neutral element against which action is portrayed in the form of the human figure. By suggesting that the background-figure relationship is not simply a binary division, 'Projects' breaks down this paradigm and explores its function as a reflection of the depth of art.

The works found in this section offer formal, conceptual and historiographical examples that oppose or explore the relationship between figure and background as a complex exchange between the specific and the general, the fragment and the whole, the primary and the secondary narrative. 'Projects' 2015 aims to analyze the epistemological nuances of modernity, with special focus on the Cartesian legacy and the dialectical relationships that this perspective reveals.

Curated by Ana María Lozano Rocha, the 'Reference' section is a separate space with a museographical feel, featuring curators’ descriptions and explanations of the various works and rooms.

This section will explore the works of masters who have shaped art history and become timeless references for future generations of artists, the individuals who laid the foundations for contemporary art as we know it today. This section allows the public to glimpse the historical context behind the works found in other sections of the fair, giving them a broader understanding of the artists featured.

Bogota, Columbia