2014 Fall Exhibition Highlights | Asia

2014 Fall Exhibition Highlights | Asia

From Sterling Ruby’s large-scale paintings in Hong Kong and Tokyo to Peter Halley’s geometric networks in Singapore, explore Artsy’s curated list of this season’s best exhibitions across the Asian art capitals

Larry Bell: Light and Red


Anatomy of Anxieties, curated by Rowing Projects

The Fragmented Body

Sonya Fu: Autumn Dreams

Beyond the Jade Terrace


Foldable Façade: Guo Jian Recent painting and sculpture

Ink and the Body

Softcore: Subverted Superstructure and the Systemic Sublime

Before the Beginning and After the End

Art in the World III in the Third World

Guo Hongwei


Mehmet Ali Uysal - The Past

Sue Williams

Cui Xiuwen: Reincarnation

Truth by Wang Sishun


Ryuichi Ohira, Magnificent View


Painting Not Painting


Heinz Mack

Peter Halley: Solo Exhibition

More Shows Across Asia

Home and Away

Pecked Jostled and Teased

India Through the Lens - Tasveer at the Bahrain National Museum

Maria Taniguchi: Maria Taniguchi

Picture Life - a contemporary still life exhibition

Brushes & Smudges -Messages from brushmark and materials

You Can’t Make an Omelette Without Breaking Eggs: Dennis Gonzales