2014 Fall Exhibition Highlights | Europe

2014 Fall Exhibition Highlights | Europe

From Harold Ancart’s “Seascape” in Brussels and Thomas Demand’s painterly precision in Berlin to Sheila Hicks’ fiber waterfall in Paris, explore Artsy’s curated selection of top shows across Western Europe.


Yayoi Kusama: Pumpkins

Nathaniel Mary Quinn: Past / Present

Ben Rivers: Things

Gilbert & George: Scapgoating Pictures for London

Mary Kelly: On the Passage of a Few People through a Rather Brief Period of Time

Ran Huang: An Experience Shaped By An Experience I Never Experienced

Mary Reid Kelley: Swinburne's Pasiphae

Noemie Goudal: In Search of the First Line

The Space Where I Am: Group Exhibition

Igor Mitoraj: Traces of Time

Anthony Caro: The Last Sculptures


Peter Lindbergh

JR: "Au Panthéon!" at Panthéon Paris, France

100 sièges français 1951-1961

Sheila Hicks: Unknown Data


The Bruce High Quality Foundation: Vive La Sociale!

The Artsy Guide | BRUSSELS

Harold Ancart: Winning Colors

Benjamin Patterson: Stop Sitting on the Fence

McDermott & McGough: Iconic & New Paintings

Norbert Schwontkowski: Bilder aus dem Nachlass

Martin Disler: Malerei

Thomas Demand: Dailies 2008-2014

Johanna Jaeger: Fictional Space

Corinne Wasmuht

David Schnell: (particolare)

Stefan Behlau: Gush

More Shows Across Europe

Hanno Otten Farbe | COLOGNE

Melissa Kretschmer | ROME

Group Show | DEN HAAG

Anniversay Exhibition | MUNICH


The Untitled Show | MADRID

ArtInternational 2014 | ISTANBUL

Wim Delvoye | ST. PETERSBURG


ArtInternational 2014 | ISTANBUL

Katie Paterson | EDINBURGH

Tobias Lehner | LEIPZIG

Jonathan Meese | DUSSELDORF

Tobias Bernstrup | STOCKHOLM

Pablo Picasso | HANOVER

Connor McCreedy | ZURICH