Amsterdam Art Weekend 2014

Amsterdam Art Weekend 2014

In anticipation of next weekend’s four-day program of activities and openings, explore the best of Amsterdam’s vibrant art scene. Preview new exhibitions, see highlights from art world insiders, discover emerging artists, and browse the city’s top galleries and museums.

The Artsy Guide to Amsterdam Art Weekend

Marlene Dumas – The Image as Burden

A Particular Nothing: Ciarán Murphy

The Absence of the Artist: Marinus Boezem

Adriana Arroyo: Unstable Strata


Barry Reigate: One Cannot Get Fingerprints From A Rock

When Elephants Come Marching In: Echoes of the Sixties in Today's Art

hunting. the world of intense concentration

Inner Space Outer Space: Michael Jacklin

Meeting Point II: Franck Bragigand, Meschac Gaba, Ni Haifeng, Otobong Nkanga

Cevdet Erek: Face

JH Engström – Close Surrounding

Tony Oursler ‘I/O underflow’

Anthony McCall - Solid Light Films and Other Works (1971-2014)


A pack of dogs: Janis Rafa

Zachary Formwalt - Three Exchanges

About Free Art and Making Money: Joost Benthem

Alicia Framis: Forbidden Rooms

Duncan Hannah: Love in Amsterdam

shivelights and shadowtackle by Rob Johannesma | Zelf weten by Hans Aarsman

In a Landscape: Ina van Zyl

On the Stairs: Steel Stillman

Place: Anna Ostoya and Barbara Leoniak

David Jablonowski

Nadav Kander - Dust

Reading The Landscape: Olaf Otto Becker

The Sinthome Score: Dora Garcia


Ab-stretching the Canvas: Andreas Kvas, Alek O., Yonatan Vinitsky, Jessica Warboys and others

Bending of the Neck: Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch and Jonas Wijtenburg

Jochen Muhlenbrink