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Art Week at Alserkal Avenue

Art Week at Alserkal Avenue

Art Week at Alserkal Avenue (18-23 March) will see a host of exhibition openings, an artist commission, projects, and curated public programming, including Majlis Talks and guest projects. At the heart of Art Week, our galleries will present new shows by Hassan Sharif, Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, Sadik AlFraji, Rana Begum, Kamrooz Aram, Bernhard Buhmann and Johan Creten among others, opening on Galleries Day on 18 March.

The Ishara Art Foundation will open its doors during Art Week, and Alserkal will present Rhodiola, a commission by Athens-based collective 3 137. Fabric(ated) Fractures, a collaboration between Alserkal and the Samdani Art Foundation in Concrete will run through Art Week; the exhibition showcases works by 15 artists from Bangladesh, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

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Gallery Exhibitions

The Flying Horses

Kamrooz Aram

Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim | The Space Between the Eyelid and the Eyeball

Materialize at Warehouse 13

Out of Realm | Soraya Sharghi

Johan Creten | True Love

Group exhibition | A Collection of Undoings

Baya Mahieddine

Hassan Sharif | Blue

Bernhard Buhmann | The Chaser, the Ambusher and the Fickle

Stéphanie Saadé | The Encounter Of The First And Last Particles Of Dust

Rana Begum | Perception and Reflection

Group exhibition | Zino Irema

Heitham Adjina | Architecture of Being

Sonia Brewin | The Permanent

Institutional Exhibitions

Personal Revolutions

Group exhibition | Fabric(ated) Fractures

Shilpa Gupta and Zarina | Altered Inheritances: Home is a Foreign Place

TIBE NOW: Free Drinks, Boots and Tickets to the Apocalypse

The Monochrome Revisited