Brussels Art Days 2014

Brussels Art Days 2014

This weekend, Brussels—a city quickly and quietly developing into one of the most important centers for art in Europe—highlights its premier galleries during the Brussels Art Days gallery weekend. Explore over 30 exhibitions featuring Belgian and international artists, including Bruce High Quality Foundation, Harold Ancart, Thilo Heinzmann, and more.

Max Schreier | Content Partner Manager at Artsy

Katia Bourdarel, Youcef Korichi, Axel Pahlavi, Leopold Rabus & Jerome Zonder

Jules Olitski

Thilo Heinzmann

Yves Zurstrassen


William Pope.L

Harold Ancart

Evan Holloway

Nestor Sanmiguel Diest & Dan Shaw-Town

Pascal Haudressy

Nuit Americaine

The Bruce High Quality Foundation: Vive La Sociale!

Elaine Cameron-Weir / Aleksander Hardashnakov / Thomas Lerooy

Thorsten Brinkmann

Anila Rubiku

Ron Gilad

Spencer Longo

John Roebas

Catharina van Eetvelde

Filip Gilissen / Tania Pérez Córdova / Katinka Bock

Group show proposed by Mario Garcia Torres

Louise Lawler

Franck Scurti

Claude Viallat

Elizabeth Price

Ricardo Brey

Yann Gerstberger

How 2 Paint

David Bielander

Matthias Dornfeld