Exposure Photography Festival 2019

Exposure Photography Festival 2019

Exposure Photography Festival, Alberta, Canada's premiere photographic event, generates participation in image making and engages practitioners, photo professionals, and audiences in dialogue about the medium, its past, present and future.

Festival Opening at the Founders' Gallery, February 1, 6-9pm
Festival Hours, February 1-28
Tues-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-4pm

Gallery Exhibitions

In an Instant: Iconographs

INFERNO - A Celebration of Strength

Nature & Light

Before Digital: Post-1970 Photography in Alberta

Returning Home

Explore With Me

On a Wing & a Prayer

Elemental Reflection

Art and the Suburbs – A New Perspective

Silent Journey

The Anthropocene Project

Music Visualization - The Art of Concert Photography

Atmospheric Reclamation

Institutional Exhibitions

Blindspot Annual Juried Exhibition

Come Find Me

Oracles of Nature

These Objects That I Have Unearthed From The Bottom Of My Drawer

Holding Still