Gallery Shows: Fall Preview

With Frieze, Art Stage Singapore, and Art Basel Miami Beach around the corner, the art world gears up for a fall filled with art fairs, gallery openings, and museum exhibitions across the globe—but don’t worry, we’ll do the jetsetting for you. Beginning with our fall preview of gallery exhibitions, discover shows opening from New York City to Dubai, all in one place: on Artsy.

New York

Works by William Pope.L

“Irving Penn: On Assignment”

Mary Mattingly

“Jon Rafman: You Are Standing In An Open Field”

New Works by Nathan Carter

“Angel Otero: Gates of Horn and Ivory”

“Calligraffiti 1984/2013”

Recent Works by Miquel Barceló

Los Angeles & San Francisco

“Linda Ridgway, The Grand Anonymous”

“Laurel Roth, Flight of the Dodo”

“Spill / Frame, Iva Gueorguieva”


“The Art of Chess”

“Richard Serra: Trajectory”

“Linear Abstraction”

“Simon Schubert - Dämmerfluchten”

“Jane & Louise Wilson: False Positives and False Negatives”

“The Digital Divide
by Henning Strassburger”

Asia & The Middle East

“Pouran Jinchi: The Blind Owl”

Huang Zhiyang: Zoon - Dreamscape

The Living Road: Golnaz Fathi


Browse works from the fair

Vista, Booth E12

Panorama, Booth F1G1