Gallery Weekend Beijing 2017

Explore the first edition of Gallery Weekend Beijing exclusively on Artsy with 15+ shows by the city's premiere institutions and galleries


Open to the public March 18 & 19, 2017

公众开放日 3月18,19日

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Recent Acquisition - Recent Development

Cristof Yvoré: An Ode

Taikang Photography Collection

The New Normal: Art and China in 2017


Speculative Cosmologies

Decade: Abstract Art 10

Auto Art Sale × Luo Wei: The Ongoing Script

Qiu Ruixiang: Rabbit, Den and Barn

Cheng Ran: Neoclassic

Wu Chen- Bad Man Can Also End Up in Heaven

Zhuang Hui - Qilian Range

Li Songsong: Beihai

Askr Yggdrasils

Sui Jianguo: Trace

Qiu Anxiong: New Classic of Mountains and Seas