Korea Art Month 2017

Gain a unique and exclusive insight into Korea's vibrant art scene.
Explore galleries, museums, and non-profits participating in Korea Art Month, Gallery Weekend Korea, the Sea Art Festival, the Jeju Biennale and the Gwangju Design Biennale.

활기찬 한국 미술신을 독보적인 시각으로 들여다봅니다.
코리아 아트 먼스에 참여한 갤러리, 미술관, 비영리
기관들의 주요 전시와 함께, 미술주간, 갤러리 위켄드
코리아, 바다미술제, 제주비엔날레, 광주디자인비엔날레
를 지금 만나보세요.

21 Sep to 20 Oct, 2017
2017년 9월 21일부터 10월 20일까지

Explore our guide to Seoul's Museums and Galleries here

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Sea Art Festival
Busan Biennale
Jeju Biennale 2017
Jeju Biennale
12th Gwangju Biennale 2017 -“Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”: Design! the Future
Gwangju Biennale
Korea Art Week and Gallery Weekend Korea
Gallery Weekend Korea 2017
Gallery Weekend Korea
Korea Art Week 2017
Public Museums
2017 Republic of Kore-Germany Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition Irony & Idealism
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Imagining New Eurasia Chapter 3
Asia Culture Center
Papers and Concrete: Modern Architecture in Korea 1987–1997
The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Our Bright Future-Cybernetic Fantasy
Nam June Paik Art Center
Layers and Spaces
The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Korean Architecture Exhibition for the UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress
The Seoul Museum of Art
Ik-Joong Kang - Things I Know
Arko Art Center
The Art of Dissonance Part of UK/Korea 2017-18 Creative Futures
The Seoul Museum of Art
Extraordinary Phenomenon, Nam June Paik
Nam June Paik Art Center
Korea Artist Prize 2017
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Private Museums
Koo Jeong A’s - ajeongkoo
Art Sonje Center
Yangachi - When Two Galaxies Merge
Atelier Hermès
SongEun ArtStorage: Not your ordinary art storage
SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation
Urban Ritornello, The Archives on Community
Ilmin Museum of Art
Sub/Ob-Ject - Seulki Ki
DOOSAN Gallery
Byungchan Lee: The Camouflaged Dried Pollack
SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation
In Every Language We Know
Kumho Museum of Art
Ligyung more Light - Diagram of the sperm whale
SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation
Paul McCarthy
Kukje Gallery
Minjung Kim- Paper, Ink and Fire: After the Process
Gallery Hyundai
Tim Eitel - Apparition of a distance, however near
Gallery Hakgojae
Lee Seung Hee, Tao: Between Dimensions
Park Ryu Sook Gallery
Kwon Jin Kyu - The Essence
PKM Gallery
Myung-seop Hong: meta-square / meta-cube
Gallery EM
Collection - Paik Nam June
Johyun Gallery
Wonwoo Lee - How’s the weather tomorrow?
PKM Gallery
Soon-young Kwon
Gallery SoSo
P 21 Inaugural Exhibition Choi Jeong Hwa -Original & Originality
Park Ryu Sook Gallery
Sun Xun : Tears of Chiwen
Arario Gallery
Non-Profit Art Spaces
Why You Should Clean Up Your Room or Why You Should Not
Yoo La Shin -White Velvet
Loop Alternative Space