Love in Art

Love in Art

Artsy Learning explores the many facets of love in modern and contemporary art. From 19th century femmes fatales to contemporary artists redefining sexuality, we’ve compiled stories of romance, sex and heartache and curated our favorite artworks on the theme of love.

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Nu Zebre, New York, 2013

Breath #078

Alyssa, 2015

Selected works about love from art history

"Bhairava Raga," from the Chunar Ragamala, 1591

The Kiss (Le Baiser), 1907-1908

Embrace, 1982

Love (Red/Blue/Green), 1966-1998

The Bolt, 1777-1778

Debauchery (Débauche), 1896

The Festival of Love, ca. 1718-1719

Lovers in Bed, 2011

Scene from The Tale of Genji, 12th century

Frida and Diego Rivera, 1931

Senami, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2011

Le Baiser (The Kiss), ca. 1886

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