Moving Image London 2013

Artsy + Moving Image have teamed up to offer an exclusive online preview of Moving Image London 2013, the biannual contemporary art fair comprised entirely of moving image-based art. Browse artists, works, and exhibitors, explore editorial coverage and top picks from art world insiders, and collect works by Moving Image artists.

Everything You Need to Know About Video Art’s Biggest Fair
Celebrating Artists' Engagement with Television
How and Why to Collect Video Art
10 Reasons to Visit Moving Image London 2013
Insider Highlights
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Jacopo Crivelli Visconti
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Julia Draganovic
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Sabin Bors
Josh Azzarella
Janet Biggs
Sylvie Blocher
Heather Cassils
Shen Chaofang
Jasmina Cibic
Constant Dullaart
luiz duVa
Cliff Evans
Jessica Faiss
Sheila Gallagher
Noora Geagea
Nermine Hammam
Karim Al Husseini
Lauren Kelley
Alaa Edris
Heta Kuchka
Annika Larsson
Rollin Leonard
Zilla Leutenegger
Sara Ludy
Simone Lueck
Jonathan Monaghan
Ewa Partum
Adam Putnam
Anahita Razmi
Miia Rinne
Aza Shade
Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation
Eve Sussman & Simon Lee
Leslie Thornton
Milica Tomic
Timotheus Tomicek
Gil Yefman
Maya Zack