Artsy for Galleries

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Artsy offers a centralized online platform to promote your program globally, expand your client base, and support gallery operations with our suite of cloud-based and mobile tools.


Join the ranks of the world's leading galleries

Artsy invites the best galleries in the world to list their programs and contribute to the most comprehensive online resource for seasoned and aspiring collectors alike.


Reach a global audience of collectors and art lovers

Since launching in October 2012, Artsy has reached an audience of over 12 million visitors in 190+ countries through organic search traffic as well as targeted partnerships with art fairs, benefit auctions, and other sources of collector traffic.

Artsy has increasingly brought us inquiries and introduced us to qualified collectors worldwide, resulting in substantial sales.
Jonathan Novak, Jonathan Novak Gallery


Make it easy for your gallery to be found and followed online

Artsy partners are provided with a personalized gallery profile page to list artists and inventory, promote exhibitions and programming, and build a follower base of Artsy users who receive targeted emails when you add new works and shows.


Directly manage your Artsy listings and profile

In addition to public promotion, Artsy partners have access to our cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) to directly update your artwork listings and gallery profile page in real time.

Artsy Folio

Display and share artworks at the gallery and on the go

Artsy Folio syncs seamlessly with your CMS to provide a beautiful presentation tool for client meetings, art fairs, and gallery walkthroughs. Folio allows you to easily browse artists, works, and shows, as well as send emails complete with artwork images, supplemental information, and personalized content.


We’re with you every step of the way

Every gallery partner works closely with an Artsy Liaison who will assist with the setup process and serve as your dedicated contact for ongoing questions and support. Artsy Gallery Liaisons are based in New York, Los Angeles, London, Munich, Berlin, and Hong Kong, so no matter where you are in the world, we’re in a time zone nearby. You can also read and subscribe to our Gallery Insights Newsletter.

Legacy Russel
Katie Higgins
New York
Max Schreier
Becca Starr
New York
Catherine Henry
New York
For our gallery, Artsy does a very convincing job of giving the attention to our permanent staff that communicates to us that they sincerely care and are interested in contributing to our gallery program in a significant way. They literally work like an additional, hyper-capable employee who handles sales, advertising, editorial, and administrative elements of gallery operations that would take several full-time employees to manage.
Kevin Van Gorp, 101/ Exhibit