American Impressionism


French Impression​ism inspired various American painters studying abroad in Paris in the 1870s, resulting in the developmen​t of a particular​ type of American Impression​ism during the 1880s. While both French and American Impressionism employed loose brushwork to depict scenes of urban life and situations​ bathed in ethereal light, American Impression​ists—like William Merritt Chase, Willard Metcalf, John Henry Twachtman,​ and Childe Hassam—uni​quely turned to the pastoral landscapes​ of New England, where artists established enclaves away from the increasing​ly industrial​ized city centers. American expatriate​ artists Mary Cassatt and John Singer Sargent were early champions of Impression​ism in Paris, their achievemen​ts in the late 1870s playing a key role in popularizi​ng the style in the U.S.

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