Art Nouveau Furniture and Design


From the 1880s until World War I, the decorative style of Art Nouveau influenced all aspects of artistic production, including graphic design, furniture, consumer products, and architecture. The aesthetic that favored sinuous, natural forms and dense decoration went by many names across Europe and North America, such as the Glasgow Style in Scotland and Stile Liberty (after the London firm) in Italy. In France, Hector Guimard popularized the so-called Style Metro with his swirling designs for the Paris subway stations, while Louis Comfort Tiffany’s opalescent stained glass windows and lighting designs became iconic examples of the style in the United States. Working across Europe, leading Art Nouveau furniture designers include the Austrian Josef Hoffman, Louis Majorelle from France, and the Belgians Henry van de Velde and Victor Horta.

1,279 Artworks
1,279 Artworks: