Dutch Furniture and Design


From the “ZigZag” chairs of Gerrit Thomas Rietveld to the “Tour Eiffel” lamps of Studio Job, Dutch design is often characterized by a quirky, yet minimalist aesthetic. The design collective Droog, founded by Gijs Bakker and historian Renny Ramakers, brought Dutch design to the international stage in 1993 at the Milan Furniture Fair, presenting objects with simple forms and dry senses of humor. Iconic Droog designs include Tejo Remy’s “‘You Can't Lay Down Your Memory’ Chest of Drawers” (1991), Rody Grauman’s "85 Lamps" (1992-1993), and Marcel Wanders’s “Knotted Chair” (1996). Dutch design is also known for its innovative use of materials. Contemporary Dutch designer Lex Pott juxtaposes rough with smooth stone in his furniture designs, Maarten Baas creates wood objects that mimic plastic forms, and Studio Markunpoika produces elegant lighting and furniture made from steel mesh.

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